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Vocal Confidence & Power Workshop | 08 June 2019 - Berlin
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08 June 2019, 14:00-17:00
Berlin, Theaterhaus

Alternative Vocal Coach™: Vocal Confidence & Power is a vocal workshop for those who want to sing with strength, confidence and stability. It’s a workshop for people who value their time and want to get results fast. That’s why it consists only of the most essential and effective singing techniques proven to help an ever growing number of my students.
You’ll learn how to remove obstacles that could be making your voice sound weak and what you should adjust to make it sound solid, big and open.
Without any complicated terminology, you’ll get a simple, direct explanation that can be understood by everyone, from beginner to advanced levels. If you want to boost your voice and start singing like you really mean it, this workshop is for you!

Early Bird Tickets: 89€

Regular ticket (from 25.05.19): 119€

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How will it help me?

✓ You will be able to sing louder without struggling

✓ You will feel much more relaxed when singing

✓ Your singing will become more stable and controllable

✓ You might actually start enjoying singing to a fuller extent and believe me it’s a freaking great feeling 🙂

✓ You will feel that your voice is actually improving

✓ You will be able to better your pitch and hit the right notes

✓ You will be able to reach higher/lower notes

✓ You will learn how to love, respect and nurture your voice

✓ You will feel more confident singing in front of the others

What will it give me?

The Very Best of singing exercises, warm ups and techniques aimed particularly at powerful, confident singing. Since I started teaching I tried all possible exercises and approaches on my students. With time I started to see that some of these exercises, even popular among vocal instructors and on YouTube, did nothing really significant to my students and some made them go „Wow! WTF? I never thought I can sing like that“. This workshop will consist solely of these.

Material for personal work. Recorded warm ups to sing along, tips and summary of all info you’ll learn at the workshop.

Q&A Session. Ask me anything related to your voice and I’ll do my best to help and give you a solution.


“Learning singing with Mark was amazing and relaxing. During his lessons I got to know many great tips and tricks that helped to shape my voice. Very professional and he is a real nice guy. Highly recommended!” (Dartsya T.)

“I’m currently taking skype lessons with Mark, and have done so for the past 4 months. I am very pleased with my progress and I intend to stick with Mark as my singing teacher for a long time to come. I highly recommend Mark as a teacher, he is both calm, pleasant and a good teacher.” (Tobias D.)

“I took vocal jazz classes for many years and wanted to do something new to open up my musical and creative horizon. Since Mark was playing in multiple bands all over Europe he is not only able to train pop/rock vocal training but also to give comprehensive insight views of the pop/rock music business. With Mark´s help I was able to experience various ways of singing and using your voice, high quality vocal training and a whole different musical world besides jazz in a very comfortable atmosphere. Mark is not only a professional singer and songwriter with a lot of proven experience but also a very nice and warm hearted person.” (Katharina N.)

“Mark was great. He was knowledgeable, professional, and very patient. I highly recommend his lessons for anyone wanting to improve their singing voice.” (Kurt L.)

“Mark is a very calm and canny teacher. I always enjoy my lessons and I’m satisfied with my improvement. My recommendation for him as a vocal coach!” (Olga M.)

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Who is Mark?

I’m a singer, songwriter and music producer born in Ukraine and living in Berlin since 2012. I’ve been making music professionally for over 12 years now and perhaps best well known as a founder of an alternative rock band Marakesh. With this band I played over 200 shows, including festivals and an opening slot for Placebo, released 3 LPs and 3 EPs, 14 music videos which reached over 1,5 million views on YouTube. My music has been featured in Grand Theft Auto IV video game, Shameless (U.S. TV series) and other shows. Since starting Alternative Vocal Coach™ in 2012 I gained quite a good reputation as a vocal instructor in Berlin. I’m totally obsessed with music and love to share the knowledge and help others to feel the joy of it. And yes, I have a Bachelor of Music vocal degree too 🙂







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